Monday, January 01, 2007

Melbourne and the slow start

The length of time that it's taken Melbourne to click into gear the past three matches is beginning to slightly worry me. Against Sydney nothing ended up happening at all, but against the Kiwis and the Mariners, the other team has started the better, until about 15-20min when we finally wake up, and being to play our game.

It may have just been that the other teams came out all guns ablazing because they need the points or have something to prove - although all teams do, especially against Melbourne.

The most frustrating thing about this, is that while the other teams would play at a frenetic pace (as they would be in a rush to assert themselves and put a goal on the scoresheet for themselves), Melbourne would try to play at the same speed. I suppose this ties in with my time-wasting techniques, but aside from what to do when the ball is of the park, it's important to take your time when the ball is on the park too.

i.e. Win the ball, control it, and slow the play down. Look up, take your time deciding how to play the ball. Play high-percentage football so the other team cannot win the ball back. Play with the ball in the defence. Don't play the ball until you have been pressured to do so - make the other team come and get the ball. After all, they're in a rush, not you. They need the ball, not you.

Hope you all have a great 2007 - except for Adelaide and Sydney. :oP Well, at least when it comes to football. Happy New Year all!

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