Sunday, December 31, 2006

Introducing Allsopp, James Allsopp... wtf?

This was pointed out on the Melbourne Victory forum... lucky that the Age is one of our "official sponsors", eh?

Edit 01/01/07 9.46am: Looks like James Allsopp wasn't the only suprise of the match, Archie then put the ball in the net after "turning Mariners defender Bradley Porter inside out and guiding the ball past Melbourne 'keeper Eugene Galekovic."

Good to see that the MV forum is wide awake here, even I hadn't noticed that one after reading that we had a James Allsopp.

Looks like The Age throw a mean New Year's Eve party!

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Anonymous said...

yeah, that was reported up here in the Sydney Morning Herald as well, ie syndicated and sent out..but then do you get aaarn timms down there, does an a-league piece on one page, and a t.v review on another....they keep the rennaisance journos just for us Scary ;)