Sunday, January 21, 2007

Who's the "best looking bloke in the A-League, in Australia, in the world, whatever"?

From the most recent Queensland Roar podcast:

Stu: I’ve got a sneaky one here, you’ve done your last, I’ll do my last if you don’t mind. Spas Dilevski. Now, if he’s chocolate he’d eat himself, this boy, I’ll tell ya. So what he wanted for Christmas was some kind of nomination or award for the best looking bloke in the A-League, in Australia, in the world, whatever, he didn’t mind. As long as it was some kind of nomination for being good looking. I’ll tell ya, he couldn’t even win the best looking bloke his house, and he only lives with Massimo. Not saying Mass is an ugly–

Josh: Not having a crack at Mass in anyway.

Stu: No shape or form. It’s a two horse race…

Josh: And got pipped on the line!

Stu: He did!

Josh: Actually, not even pipped I think it was four lengths going away. I don’t think he’d want to hear that at all. He does rate himself.

And thus begins the search for the best looking A-League participant. I need to whittle nominations down to a manageable number, I've decided for 8 - one player from each team and have made a thread in each forum.

Perhaps I shouldn't have pointed out that I was from Melbourne, Adelaide think I'm spamming them. Ah well. If they don't want to participate their rep will be Greg Owens. They have been warned. They now seem to be ok with it, in fact things are now going pretty well. Unlike...

Sydney, who don't look to be taking it up at all. Okay, maybe a little... a Sydney fan posted Bolton on the Melbourne forum... turns out he's banned from the Sydney forum!

I can't tell what Perth are doing... they seem to be taking the piss out of it, but at least they're funnier than Sydney.

This is looking like a shambles...

Melbourne are going for it a bit, and just like the other forums, they're listing players from all teams.

Queensland's been pretty good too (sob, sob), along with the Mariners - where someone's put my link up anyway. Cheers to those two forums for taking it with a sense of humour. Jeccy, no-one's nominated Matty McKay yet!

Newcastle were the last forum added, as there were some probs getting onto the site in the first place last night. Like Queensland and the Mariners, this forum has also taken to this silly quest of mine like a duck to water.

And finally, New Zealand. There have been three replies so far, which is proportional to the other forums when you consider their crowds at home games. :P Sorry, couldn't resist.

I'm trying to get guys to respond to this, as surely you can assess whether a guy is good-looking or not, like girls can pick out and accept that other girls can be pretty. So, during the week when I get a rough idea of who's popular in each club I'll try to set up an anonymous poll for each forum. When I get my final 8, I'll then make each forum choose by removing the 'home' player. Hopefully this will take out any bias.

Oh, and Spase Dilevski might get nominated in the final lot by default. So it might be a final 9. I haven't decided yet. I wouldn't how I'd go to go about removing 2 options from the Queensland forum... Who will be "best looking bloke in the A-League, in Australia, in the world, whatever"? Dunno, but I'm abbreviating it to the BLBA award (Best Looking Bloke in the A-League - trying to stay true to McLaren's 'terminology.')


Hamish Alcorn said...

Firstly Cecilia, congratulations on getting this project going. Swooning, hormones etcetera are an enormous component of this football business and trying to pretend it's irrelevant, is a bit like saying crowd size is irrelevant because it has 'nothing to do with the game'.

The fans on the Sydney and Knights forums in particular who apparently feel that if they accept your project then they must be gay, clearly still have some work to do figuring out their own sexual identities, or their relationships with their mothers, or both.

So please persevere.

Exscuse me if I just participate here on your blog as I find the forums a bit out of control, like just about every post looks like an elaborate bit of spam.

The Roar boys... I have had a fresh look at their mugshots (by no means the most flattering view), and going by them have to go with Marcus.

Now I don't reckon he's the best player by a long way, and surely this makes a big impact on swoonability doesn't it?

With class on the field as an equal criteria with good looks (I simply don't have any data on personality, which should be the third criteria if we were to set up a proper contest), Massimo and Matty are clear contenders. I especially like Matty's grin in this photo, which makes it one of the best mugshots. Spase's is especially bad in this respect.

A photo gallery would be good for this competition. Of course I should surf around more myself, but I thought I'd take the official mugshots as a sort of 'official' first base.

In all seriousness, I think a regular, public version of this competition should be publicised and supported by the League. It would be excellent for the game, as if you can get the chicks going to the games, the blokes will be no challenge. If the gays get behind it (so to speak) the A-League would be unstoppable.

It's one of the more obvious dimensions of, "Football, but not as you know it," that soccer players are far more athletic and good looking than rugby players, though it can't necessarilly be said of AFL, where they also tend to be athletic and spunky.

Cecilia said...

I have plans to include the mugshots of the final 8 players when the time comes - to do it all now would make an excessively long post.

But I you're right - if people don't understand football, one way to get them to go to matches is to point out how devestatingly good-looking players are.

Yeah, Spase's shot is a problem, but after watching last night's game this morning I've found that I really like Spase's through-balls. My eyesight is definitely affect by ability, hence I could never like a participant such as Chad.

Anyway, here's another picture of Marcus.

Jeccy56 said...

I have some way good photos of most of the players if you'd like, but you'd have to edit my ugly mug out of them!!