Friday, October 31, 2008

Just keep coming back again... and again.

And I'm not just referring to Melbourne... though there is no better feeling than being screwed over by a referee and diving twice, falling behind twice, and then leaving with all the points.

I've (almost*) finished uni now, so Girl's Guide is back.

And I was looking forward to Archie telling Breeze that he was a c#$t... after all, as a spectator what could the FFA really do?

*One more thing to go, but in a few weeks, so I'm quite finished.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Random commentary

I actually missed my first home match of the A-League ever on the weekend - that's right, of all the matches to miss it was against Sydney! Anyway, I am due to get my life back on Thursday once I hand in an assignment that I haven't even started (I have a good excuse, y'know). Of course I did waste two whole days last week celebrating the end of a subject... that it was the same subject that was being celebrated is irrelevant.

Anyway, so the W-League kicked off on the weekend... aside from the poor quality of the game (one of the reasons why I cannot easily watch the women's game) I major gripe is the shorts. Seriously, I would hardly consider them football shorts! Very much reminds me of one of my first posts!

Note that while I get my life back on Thursday I may not start writing immediately. Could take me a while to get my sarcastic writing style back... meanwhile here's another piece of FFA gold.