Monday, January 01, 2007

At the end of round 18 we have...

...Newcastle, Central Coast and my semi-beloved Queensland all still with a chance.

Unfortunately, it looks like Queensland have the toughest run home, with matches against Adelaide and Melbourne away, and the final match at home against Sydney. I don't like losing at Telstra Dome because the train ride home is completely quiet with disappointed supporters... so that night may be a toughie for me, as we really don't need the points. However, should Franky continue to put his mate Mori in for the full 90 minutes (reminds me of Okon in the national team...), perhaps I shall not be too disappointed if Queensland lose. And of course it'd make the train ride bearable.

Mathematically, should Adelaide lose their remaining matches, Newcastle-CC draw their match and lose the rest, and Queensland win all matches bar Melbourne, they're in with a chance. I've taken into account that Newcastle will probably beat Perth, and am going for the Kiwis to win their last three matches. If Perth don't win another game, then the Kiwis won't come last!

However, knowing my luck, this won't all work out. Here's hoping!


Sportingo said...

Greetings -- I would like to speak with you regarding publishing some articles on th AFL.

Hamish Alcorn said...

Michelle from Sportingo has been busy again. I received an email from her, quite oblivious that we had already corresponded before a couple months ago. At that time she had also contacted James the A-League Junkie. This time I already notice she's spammed John's Seat at the A-League blog as well.

People will make their decisions, but as far as I can see Sportingo is an advertising platform (that's its business I mean) looking for content. Content is the most difficult thing to get for media sites (I've been there). They are trying to get content cheap or free.

I for one hope this little community of bloggers maintain their independence. In my mind, without trying as such but just linking one another, we are developing a publication bigger than any one of us, and it is a really good one.

Sorry to go off your own topic Scary. I've gone all quiet for obvious reasons. Do completely agree with you (and John) at the moment that Frank is the problem, not the players.


Cecilia said...

That's alright Hamish! I quite like my independence, so I can combine a genuine appreciation of the game with a superficial appreciation of some players of the game!

But you're right, it's nice to have this "little community of bloggers," as you put it.

No matter how busy Michelle has been, she may find that I am physically unable to write about AFL!

john said...

So Scary
You don't mind Roar losing if Mori plays 90 Minutes - seems a certainty based on the evidence so far - he could be our marque....

Cecilia said...

he could be our marquee...

Oh, please, God no! Spare me the horror!

Back to being a little more serious...

For a clearer explanation, every time Mori has a chance I immeadiately stop cheering on for Queensland. And the more that Mori doesn't produce, and yet play 90 minutes, hopefully the clearer it will become that Frank is NOT suited for the coaching position at the Roar.

The Round Ball Analyst said...

Scary, looking forward to seeing how Melbourne fair on the road this week minus Muscat, Thompson, Leijer and Allsopp. Reading between the lines, I expect the line-up to look something like this;


Storey - Byrnes - Vargas - Pantelidis

Sarkies - Ferrante - Brebner - Caceres

Fred - Robinson

There are other options of course and they include the use of Lia and Alessandro.

Still looks a formidable back-four, but will be interesting to see if they can control things in midfield without Muscat. Ferrante and Sarkies have big roles to play.

I wouldn't be taking my foot off the pedal if I were Melb.