Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A post solely dedicated to swooning.

I've been trying to write a complete nonsense post which was essentially just swooning. However, I've been getting caught up in the more critical aspects of the game. So I'm going to cheat and take the November 29 2006 entry from my old MSN space. With some edits...

Here or Girl's guide? Here!

I'm very sorry, but this entry contains football - it didn't quite belong on my A-League blog.

For those who don't know, I've been planning to move interstate once I finish uni. Just to get a break from Melbourne and forces me to move out, become independent, etc., etc.. Where will I go? Wherever it is, it MUST have an A-League team. Ideally, that team would be Queensland, considering that I am currently swooning over three of their players. Yes, three now. The two keepers that I have devoted previous entries to, and a midfielder. Which is, incidentally, my favourite position to play - that's right, I'd rather be a midfielder than a 'keeper... but I don't have the fitness for it. And until my knee's back in action, I can't get fit... can't play in the engine room.

So, where was I? Oh yes, the interstate plan. The fun of having an A-League team to semi-support (after Melbourne of course) is that I would join up as a member, sit in the members' section (if it's like Melbourne's set-up), and then when Melbourne comes around, dress up in the Melbourne kit and NOT be kicked out of the section! Coz I'm a member and all! Hehehe... it'd be fun.

I've mentioned my silly little plan to my lab - and my preference for Queensland... and when I told my lab my honours results, Catherine pointed out there were PhDs on offer in Brisbane. Not sure if she remember my Qld plans. Insert curses against the incomplete engineering degree I want to complete here.

For the record, Chad Gibson, that Qld player I dislike has moved into midfield. He is NOT the player that I've started swooning over - that player is Spase Dilevski. I haven't figured out what's made me change my mind over Dilevski - I used to poke fun at him because he nearly has no neck and it's weird. Feet - legs - torso - shoulders - head. There are arms too, but not important here. I'm still trying to figure out why I've decided to add him to my swoon list. But I didn't really watch him when Qld played Melbourne, and I missed Sydney's match against them on Friday night.

Oh, well, when I go to the Qld Roar site, SD's listed as a defender... but he's more of an anywhere kind of player. And he can kick with both feet!

So there you are, finally got around to a swooning post. A friend emailed me saying she didn't agree with me on Dilevski, but I think my eyesight's affected when he plays well. I don't know why I put this on the MSN spaces, as I was trying not to talk about football there because people would semi-jokingly-complain when I bumped into them... and my original intention for this blog was to swoon... oh well. I'm getting there.


Jeccy56 said...

I agree with the Spase being exceedinly odd looking. But I also agree with his swoonability.
Don't forget Matty though. He's no. 1 on my list!!

Cecilia said...

exceedinly odd looking

I love that! As in the description, not that he's odd looking, but it seems to work.

I'm not forgetting anyone, btw, I'm going to make each swooning post limited to one player at a time, otherwise I'll have very long posts and I'll run out of players very quickly. Or I'd have to move to other leagues, and that'll just be never ending!