Monday, January 15, 2007

Who's not biting their nails?

I had made some predictions for matches in earlier posts (here and here) as I had wanted certain teams in the top four and others out. Naturally, this has all come unstuck, partly because not all matches went my way and partly because I couldn't think of a single Sydney player I liked whereas I was very happy that Beltrame was back in goal. I also began the Adelaide vs. Sydney match going for Burns, but more on that later.

Round 20 began poorly for me, with the Kiwis unable to get 3 points and earning themselves the wooden spoon. Such a shame when considering their form of late... The Central Coast are now out, thanks to the kind of player every 'keeper wishes they had in their team - Richard Johnson. He also started the headwear trend for the round. Take away the on the line clearance and he still had a great game.

Edit at 10:40pm: Oh, and why did the CC keep shoulder charging Paston in situations where they had no chance to get the ball? It was ridiculous! And the fact that it was multiple players suggests that it was McKinna's doing...

I'll gloss over Friday night - great 'keeping display from Velaphi. Melbourne played so poorly I can't really commend Queensland, even if they had played well. Replay is on tomorrow, but I fear I'd end up in a foul mood again. Mori and Pantaledis carried on the headwear trend for the round (photo linked from, but took it too far such that no other player was game enough to try and up the ante on Panta, who had a nose that was still bleeding.

By comparison, I don't look that bad here now do I?
Except that my hair's far too short and a mess!

Anyway, back to the football... and the match that had me asleep for the first 22 minutes. Although I had wanted Adelaide out rather than Sydney, when the day came I decided that there was no player in the Sydney line up that I would cheer on as much as I cheer on Daniel Beltrame and Nathan Burns. Talented kid that Burns... Shame that he straightened his trailing leg during the match after he was tackled. Luckily Beltrame playing, making some great saves and reminding me of how in awe I am/was of Nigel Martyn. How can such a big guy get around so much? And when he lands - ouch! Hehe... I don't think Beltrame's as big as Martyn, and probably not as brilliant, but pretty damn good otherwise.

Regardless of how I was watching this match with a red eye, I was very disappointed in the number of opportunities Matthew Breeze gave Milligan. First Breeze pulls out a yellow for the mad Irishman, McFlynn. Next, Milligan fouls and only receives a talking to. An evil tackle here, and complete pulling of the man down there, and finally on his fifth offence after the warning Milligan receives his yellow. Should've easily been his second.

And if I bring up the officials, why not the linesman on the far side during the Perth/Newcastle encounter. Facing the sun, not wearing a cap, and paying too much attention to one thing to determine if a player is off-side or not. It's clear that most of our A-League assistants pay so much attention to just the ball that they miss everything else, including malicious tackles slightly off the ball and of course the off-sides. I feel sorry for Griffiths and Newcastle, especially as I wanted Newcastle to get a top four placing so that van Egmond would become the Newcastle coach.

Addition 10.25pm: I forgot to discuss the penalty. As it will be goalkeeper oriented again, I've made it a seperate post that is linked here.

Which brings me to a bit of a conundrum, and unfortunately Newcastle's going to lose out. Although we don't need the points, Melbourne must win this Friday to get a good run into the finals. As a result Sydney would be safe and Newcastle out. Even if Newcastle lose, I'd like Queensland to get a win at home, partly because they're playing at home and partly because I would also like them to get some momentum heading into the finals.

And on a final note, today I nick-named one of the lenses we use at work the Dilevski lens. No, I'm not obsessed, it just fits. It's an A-League thing, I even remember patients' names significantly better when I'm switching between computer systems if they remind me of players.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I get it. Spazio - Spase

Anonymous said...

I would be very grateful if at some point you analyzed the way Victory are playing at the moment.

I must admit I am worried, particularly because we seem to play quite badly at TD.

We also seem to be fairly one dimensional tactically, but maybe I'm just imagining things because I'm worried.

In any case could we have your opinions/summary on MVFC season so far and the challenges ahead (finals, next season, ACL etc.) at some stage? pretty please? :)

Anyway thanks for your posts they make for fascinating reading.

Anonymous said...

hey Watt, Scary did a pretty good job of the last game in the comments of this blog entry;

I've said it before scary, but you have a real player's eye of things, and a frank view that is refreshing to read..- you are studying optometry, right? I'm guessing from the Spazio reference..

Cecilia said...


Just for you. Enjoy.

Cecilia said...


I've said it before scary, but you have a real player's eye of things, and a frank view that is refreshing to read...

Awww... shucks! Thanks though! are studying optometry, right?

Bing bong. I'm actually doing Enviro Eng & Sci, with honours in microbiology. I work at an optometrist on Saturdays, and currently a few days during the week while the full-timers have their holidays.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I thought you just had a sharp eye for things ;)