Friday, February 02, 2007

Where to vote for the "best looking bloke in the A-League, in Australia, in the world, whatever"

I've got all the polls going now (including Perth!!!), except for New Zealand. My karma's currently -2 there, and I've posted informing them of the finalists, so hopefully my karma will drop down further. Smite me you Kiwis!

Alright, so polls are open until the 16th of February - that's the Friday before the grand final, and only two weeks away. If you want to vote, go to your appropriate forum. To make it easier for you, click on your team's name and I've linked the appropriate thread:

Adelaide, Central Coast, Melbourne, New Zealand, Newcastle, Perth, Queensland and Sydney.

Photos are available via this link. I might put a couple of nicer photos of each player up (if such photos exist) during the week.

A quick note about the finalists for Perth and New Zealand. Colosimo had popped up a couple of times on other team forums, and so he was selected for Perth. For the record, I will not be voting for him.

With New Zealand I had a longer list (Bazeley, Bunce, Emblen, Gao, Hickey, Paston, Richter and Salley). I removed Hickey and Paston as I was the only one who considered them. Bazeley, Emblen, Gao and Richter were removed based on Kiwi commentary. This left Bunce and Salley. As Melbourne's rep isn't the best player in the team, I decided to take this approach to the Kiwis. However, Bunce and Salley are no Vinnie Lia and can actually play. As I thought New Zealand were more competitive with Salley in the team, I denoted him the 'better' player, and so Bunce is the finalist in terms of looks. I will not be voting for him either.

Nor will I be voting for Vince Lia. He's too bad a player for me to seperate his playing ability (or lack of) and looks. Regardless, he doesn't do it for me anyway, and I think his nose is a little too wide for him. But that's just my opinion.

Let the voting begin!

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Cecilia said...

Well, I managed to screw up the Perth poll by including Colosimo and excluding Bunce.

In other news - tonights squad for the Newcastle Jets: 40.Ante COVIC (gk), 2.Steve EAGLETON, 3.Jade NORTH, 5.Milton RODRIGUEZ, 6.Andrew DURANTE, 8.Matt THOMPSON, 9.Vaughan COVENY, 10.Nick CARLE 12.Paul OKON (Captain) 13.Adam D’APUZZO, 15.Stuart MUSIALIK, 18.Joel GRIFFITHS, 19.Mark BRIDGE, 20.Ben KENNEDY (gk) 21.Troy HEARFIELD, 22. Steven OLD, 24.Paul KOHLER, 25.Tim BROWN

Heee heee heee hee!