Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Musings on Adelaide vs. Newcastle

Short post for a change!

I was hoping Newcastle would win this match... and then the penalties came around, and I celebrated when Beltrame saved the first time around... and that's when I think I jinxed Newcastle. Sorry!

But really, Newcastle should have thought about their penalties after Beltrame came awfully close to Thompson's. Coveny took the fourth one, chose the same side and elected to place the ball. As everyone knows, Beltrame saved it. Musialik took the fifth (and final) one for Newcastle. Like Coveny, elected to place it to the left of Beltrame...

Two things:
1. Beltrame would have been getting awfully confident on that side.
2. If you're going to take a spot-kick, place it where the keeper won't get it (top corners) or blast it to give it some speed.

In other news, the Mariners now have the best-looking captain. Go Melbourne!

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