Friday, February 02, 2007

The finalists for the "best looking bloke in the A-League, in Australia, in the world, whatever"

Here are the finalists!Row 1: Adelaide's Greg Owens, Central Coast's Danny Vukovic, Melbourne's Vince Lia, New Zealand's Che Bunce*
Row 2: Newcastle's Steve Eagleton, Perth's Simon Colosimo*, Queensland's Marcus Wedau, Sydney's Ruben Zadkovich.
[Images from each team's A-League website].

I'll post more later, I have some shopping to do right now.
Oh, and Spase Dilevski will be in there too - by default. For the record, Massimo Murdocca got 3 points more than Spase, who actually got none. Which, if you listened to the QR podcasts, is quite amusing.

I'll explain the voting for finalists soon, and I've decided to do a cumulative poll. i.e. One vote on one forum = one vote on another forum. I did consider a percentage modified count, where I'd consider crowd numbers at matches, but as this isn't reflected in the forum participiation I've decided against it.

*Bunce and Colosimo were nominated on other forums, as I couldn't/didn't put polls up on their forums. More on the selection process for these two later.

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