Friday, December 01, 2006

Activism Against Violence Against Women – how about the men?

Adelaide vs. Melbourne. Where to start?

Robert Bajic – what are stupid, idiotic thing to do. Not only do you get yourself sent-off, you lose a field player and concede a goal. Stupid stupid stupid! And then who to take off? I would’ve taken Fernando or Veart off – simply because they’re older and not able to run as much, as would normally be required when playing a man down. Of course, Fernando is needed on the pitch to communicate with Romario, as Dad pointed out. So take Veart off – but no, Kossie takes off Dodd. Who’s a bit like the Energizer bunny at times.

And then the Brebner red card. It was a hospital ball, Brebs was in front, Aloisi ends up on the floor and Shieldsy sends off Brebs! I swear it was just to make the teams even again!

Theoklitos was back in goals this evening, which is rather upsetting. Was in his typical panicky state tonight. And in the Fernando goal, I can’t help but blame him for playing without conviction and not clearing the cross. Everytime the ball approaches Theoklitos I get the jitters. He's a bit like me really, especially when it comes to high balls. We get so worried about getting to the ball first we forget to watch how it comes to us. Then we have to stretch out and nearly catch it over our heads, rather than in front. There will come a day when he'll stretch out but it won't be enough...

The second half was a lot calmer, with a number of opportunities missed by Melbourne. Allsopp needs to work on his left foot. Thompson needs to get fitter, Caceres lacks stamina, and the two of them need to learn how to kick the ball with a downward follow-through. i.e. lift the foot to the height of the ball and then kick it with the downward action. This would stop the amount of goals we miss by clearing the ball over the crossbar and into the stands.

I think it should have been 1-7 really, with Allsopp’s shocking left-footed attempt, Archie’s over the cross-bar moment from inside the box, Caceres’ similar attempt (as in over the cross-bar) albeit from outside the box, and Allsopp's shot that hit the cross-bar.

Fred played well tonight, except that he should’ve scored his goal on the first attempt. But he’s great to watch simply because he takes his time to play the ball. He’ll receive the ball, or win it, takes a look up and then plays it. Even when we’re in the deep-end. Cool as a cucumber.

Costanzo’s also pretty cool, but an animal too. Dad wishes that Costanzo would take that chopping instinct out of his game, because he’s such a good reader of the game and very calm.

In the land of officials… the assistant referees really should only flag offside when the player has played the ball. As per the rules. It just looks silly otherwise. Especially when the offside occurs near the centre circle but the ball reaches the ‘keeper. As in the offending player is NOWHERE near the ball. Thankfully Shieldsy didn’t whistle it, but seriously refs, get your act together!

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