Monday, December 18, 2006

The morning after...

I can't deny being happy that the Victory confirmed their minor premiership last night, and it was great to do it at Olympic Park.

However, a short message to the Platinum members from the western stand - where the hell were you? If you don't rock up, our crowd numbers go down. I think seats are sold eventually, but before the 15min up to kick-off many fans would already have been turned away - if what's happened in previous matches is still what occurs.

Second, thanks to the Eastern stand who cheered on the Kiwis when they turned out for their warm up. :o)

It's funny that although my second team this season is Queensland, I don't have any problems beating them when Victory are playing them. However, last night I was a bit out of sorts, with the Kiwis being my second team last season. But I'm thinking that my concern for them is more to do with their demise as a club than anything else. Lately they've been playing much better than last season, and it's a shame they've collapsed at this time.

I can't figure out if I was happy for the Kiwis to be included in the A-League in the first place, but now that they're there, if they fail it just gives anti-footballers some ammunition. Also I read somewhere that neither Woolongong or Townsville would be ready to take over the 8th license next season, as their plans were for the season after... or something like that...

Should it be between those two consortiums (with Canberra as a third), I'd hope Townsville gets it. Simply because NSW already has plenty of clubs, and that's probably affecting crowd numbers already.

Speaking of the Sunshine State, what a joke was Matthew Breeze on the weekend? That was one of the most pathetic displays of refereeing I'd seen this season in the A-League, and there have been a few. Oh, and Hyuk Su-Seo! Just a message in case you receive treatment on the pitch again in the future. If the stretcher comes out, I'd recommend getting on it. Whether you walk off or get stretchered off, play will not restart until you're off. Now I have very faint recollections of Batistuta's yellow card at USA '94 (I was only 10... in fact I can't think of any other memories at the moment from when I was 10. So this made quite the impact on me.) He got the yellow because the ref thought Bati was time-wasting or feigning his injury because he didn't get on the stretcher when it came out. So, as I said, no harm done if you leave via the stretcher, you have to go off anyway.

For the record, Hamish - I've decided that Paston is kinda cute (this definitely to do with goalkeeping ability I'm sure) and two days ago I decided that Hickey was cute too. Funny that his Knights profile claims that his known for his good looks...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Victory's victory.
It was totally fine performance of Victory, especially
'KING' Allsopp's two goals were brilliant, totally world class.
To be honest, I really didn't expect someone has a blog about A-League, which has the posts with great details.
It was really good to see and read.
See you later.

Hamish Alcorn said...

You're an underdog sort of a girl aren't you Scary?

Cecilia said...

Not really Hamish, I don't go for Perth do I?

Well, except for this coming round because:
1. I don't like Adelaide, and
2. I don't want Adelaide to get anymore points and make it more difficult for the Queensland team you follow.

See, I do care about Queensland - although how much will be determined on January 12!

Anonymous said...

i thought it was 'premiers' instead of 'minor premiers'?

Cecilia said...

Hmm... I've got no idea really... but if I had to choose between winning the home and away premiership and the finals premiership I'd pick the latter. Hence I call the home and away premiership the 'minor' one.

For the record, I'm not enjoying this Christmas break where I have no A-League matches to watch.