Friday, December 01, 2006

The anti-Farina Fan Club

Even to my friends who don't know what the A-League is, they know I don't like Farina. The few who know what the A-League is know I like Bleiberg. It's a sad co-incidence that the former has replace the latter at my second team for this season, Queensland. This means that Farina now needs to be forgiven for both his national team shenanigans and for replacing my favourite A-League coach. Sure, Bleiberg resigned, but I'm sure that Farina's public comments on how he'd like to coach Queensland combined with the drop in form were the reason for the resignation. That said, I'm not Bleiberg, so I don't really know, do I?

Anyway, in today's Courier Mail, Frank's written an article, 'Invest more in our youth.' It's a very annoying piece of work.

Look at Manchester United. Most of its players, aside from the imports and marquee players, generally come through the club's youth system and that's what A-League clubs should be doing.

Oh yeah, Man U... I think the only regular players for them who've come through the youth system are Scholes, O'Shea and Fletcher. Oh yeah, the great Fletcher (I'm being sarcastic here.) Scholes I like (yes, there is such a thing as a Man Utd player that I like to watch - or rather, I like to watch his attempts on goal, has quite a powerful shot... scary, really) and O'Shea's alright - but Fletcher!!! If that's what the youth system is producing, I'd be very very worried - especially if he's the 'quality' that plays first-team football!

Next season I obviously want a nucleus of experienced players but I want to see more local players coming through the ranks.

This makes me worry. He's already brough Mori on board... next I think he'll go to old favorite Okon (who seems to have been invovled in every goal has Newcastle conceded. I'm sure if I look back on videos, any goal that they concede, Okon's there. Or at least in the frame. Can you tell I'm not an Okon fan?)...

The way I see a nucleus is to have an experienced 'keeper, an experienced defender, an experienced midfielder and an experienced striker. At the moment I think Queensland have a great 'keeper in Reddy and a good backline. However, they seem to have no midfield, as I've mentioned earlier - either here or in a comment on another blog. As I've previously pondered, I'm not sure if this is due to Murdocca being injured and not finding the right player to replace him, or not. Wedau's been disappointing, and I don't believe Gibson is the answer. Seo's alright, his distribution isn't bad, but he's not exactly the commanding type that I like to see in midfield and he's been quite wasteful.

Looking at the stats... of 21 attempts, 10 have been on target and 0 goals. Everyone above and the next two below him ( in order of attempts) have scored. Even Zhang, who's three below has had less attempts but at least he's had 2 assists. Oh, Seo's had 0 assists. Might have to reassess my distribution comment...

And speaking of goals... oh, now this whole A-League site setup is beginning to annoy me. You see, Mori's now in the Qld list, with all his stats from Central Coast. Looking at last season's stats, Brosque isn't there but Milicic's data from Newcastle is! It's all very very silly! To cut things short, I don't like Reinaldo - he simply hasn't quite gotten into gear... Perhaps Mori might net some, but there seems a number of 'strikers' at the club, and none being particularly exciting. Hopefully Lynch will be back soon.

Anyway, just putting in my 2 cents worth...


Anonymous said...

Hey scary, yeah what can you say about queensland - beautiful one day, goin down the tube the next. Its very old school supporting (tragic) isnt it. Poor Hamish over at footballdownunder, you know when Miron fell on his (trick) sword, Hamish was there with a lovely post on how everything would be ok, "because Miron said so". That touched my heart. What can you say about Frank - he may well go the way of Theo if he doesnt watch out. You remember Theo's bizarre comments during the world cup? Opinion on camera gets you nowhere,I just hope ST damian gives em the same he gave CCM, a season back. It's just getting a bit late. I really want Queensland to succeed for the good of the game, not farina in particular. My teams? CCM, and whoever Miron is coaching next. At least the guy was straight up, in a bent sort of way. On another note, interested in swapping links? You and the others have got me blogging now too...power to the people!

The Fisherman's Friend

cheers Scary!

Cecilia said...

At least the guy was straight up, in a bent sort of way.

I think that's why I liked him - a little wacky but genuine and honest. I've added you to my links list now, enjoy!

Hamish Alcorn said...

I will hate it when Miron is employed by another team.

But everythingt will be ok because Miron said so.

And Scary, with regard to midfield, I know he's young, but you can't overlook Matty McKay. The boy is wonderful, and has the cutest cheeky grin. In my son's robust terminology, "he's mad!"

Cecilia said...

I do like Matty - which is why I haven't whinged about him yet! I thought he suited the left wing quie well, and wasn't that a wonderful goal against Perth on the weekend? Pocket-sized rocket really. And he is quite cute, as if you'd want to be his grandma and pinch his cheeks!

Anonymous said...

How could the irrefutable skill of Matt Mackay be ignored. Not only dose he play with great awearness and control, yet hes a brissy boy down to the bone, demonstrating passion which has seemed to be deminishing in the team.
As for young frank. Its clear that the majority of Queenslanders bit their tounges when Farina was granted the possition. The transition between singing f**k Farina to praising his name wont be easy, yet in the end all that can be said is: "im queensland till i die, im queensland till i die, i know i am, im sure i am, im queensland til i die"