Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Disciplinary Hearings

Stray elbow = 3 weeks

Hands at throat of opposition = 4 weeks

Completely intentional kick at opposition = 2 weeks

Where's the smegging consistency?!?!? Surely Bajic should have received 3 weeks at least! His kick was as intentional as they come!

Going over the disciplinary hearings for the season, Adelaide lead the count with 3, with Melbourne, New Zealand and Sydney each having had players or coaches called up once. Perhaps Adelaide United should become Thuggery United.


Anonymous said...

whats to weigh up later? Brain explosion = 4 weeks - period. if I want to watch thuggery, I can watch rugby, hurling, etc, blah blah blah. Adelaide have got something like 16 cards in three games, including 14 from two games, and whats the story with their high kicks to the head chasing the loose ball ala veart vs Sydney and a couple of instances against CCM? And these guys are representing us in the comes all that "aussies are unskilled thugs" stuff again....

Jeccy56 said...

This is just re your Willis/Reddy predicament. Go Willis. Reddy is married and has his first kid due in a couple of weeks.

Jeccy56 said...

Ok. just reading another site. Who are the good looking midfielders. . . in your view?? I can't discuss this with anyone else becuase my family are all guys, my mum thinks they're all cute and my friends don't follow football at all!!

john said...

.... well for diving your guys just got a stiff talking to by FFA.

There is an inverse rrelationship between cards and winning - except for NZ.

Kossie has always played hard.

Cecilia said...

Re: diving
Heck, I can't stand Archie for a variety of reasons, his fascination with diving to be one of them. Another being that he seems really lazy.

However, I still haven't forgotten the Joel Griffiths incident, where he was on a yellow, and then was fouled in the box. The ref assumed he dived, gave him another yellow and was sent off. Not only did Griffiths then miss the next match, but he was really working hard for Newcastle that day.

A couple of weeks back, Vaughn Coveny also copped a yellow for having a high centre of gravity and being knocked inside the box. I don't think it was a foul or a penalty - just a collision and the ref should just have let play go on. But no, Coveny cot a yellow and smegging Michael Cockerill applauded the ref! See Letter to Fox Sports for how I felt then. It still hasn't changed.

Re: discipline
here comes all that "aussies are unskilled thugs" stuff again....

Yeah, I know... it's not going to be pretty to watch!

There's playing hard and playing rough. Veart is particularly nasty, especially with high feet. Youngsters frustrate me because they receive yellow cards for recklessness as they try to impose themselves in the game. Adrian Leijer is a great example of this - many of those yellows are a little useless. More experienced players should know better, and they should have the timing to play hard without playing dangerously.

To elaborate on the "useless yellows" comment. A good yellow, is, for example, Alex Wilkinson's yellow against Alex Brosque on the weekeend. Brosque looked like he was about to get through, and Wilkinson put a stop to it.

A silly yellow, is, for example, Spase Dilevski's yellow when he made his second silly tackle within about 10 minutes of the first. But, once he received the yellow, he seemed to take the recklessness out of his game and then produced a very fine performance. Not to be biased, Robinson also received a yellow for a reckless tackle as he tried to claim his position on the park soon after he came on.

Adelaide however... Aloisi was spoken to by Shieldsy on the weekend after the first bad tackle, and received a yellow later when he decided to be reckless again. Going back to the Bahrain (? can't remember exactly) match, Costanzo did a bit of a Bajic on the Bahrain keeper - while the keeper was in the air. Very uneccessary and frustrating given the Bahrain players don't hesitiate to drop to the floor and wast time... stupid ref. Veart vs. Bolton a couple of weeks back - his high foot at it again.

And finally, Jeccy,
At the moment I think the cute midfielders at Qld are McKay, Dilevski and Grossman. Note that a good performance does alter my eyesight. On that note, as much as the low socks and long hair combination that Willis had last year annoyed me, I did think he was quite swoonable. Took me a few weeks into the season to realise this. He's pulled his socks up this season which I appreciate as I'm the kind of idiot who wants a football strip worn properly. Tuck your shirts in! From a goalkeeping point of view, he's quite agile, but short-ish. And tends to sit off his line, which means he's prone to being lobbed - which Adelaide did last season. At half-time after they did so, Aurelio Vidmar said that they were exploiting that tendency Willis has. Not sure if he's improved as he hasn't been playing...

Reddy took a lot longer, and his goalkeeping abilities probably have something to do with this. I don't mind how taken they are as long as they play well and not bad to look at when the ball's not in play. I probably would like to see Willis back in goals if it were just about the swooning, but I think Reddy's the better 'keeper at the moment, and deserves to be the Queensland 'keeper.

One of these days I will get around to doing some proper swooning on this blog, but since none of my friends really follow the football as a game I've been having all my rants here!

Jeccy56 said...

ok. Now's the time I hope none of my family read this!! I think these players are pretty easy on the eyes.
Defenders: Spase Dilevski
Midfielders: Massimo Murdocca
Striker: Dario Vidosic

Plus Robert Kruse. He was the 'kid' on the sideline for a game a while back who didn't end up playing.

Haven't actually seen Chris Grossman in person yet. But the online pictures show him as a little bit of alright.

Oh, and I am absolutely in love with Matty McKay this year. Last year it was him and Jonti Richter, but since he's gone to New Zealand, it's Matty all the way.

But for me, they have to be more than good looking. They have to play the game well. Oh, and Simon Lynch has the sexiest accent!!

And I agreee with the Willis thing. I was talking to him about two and a half weeks ago and thinking how cute he is since he had a haircut. Plus he has really nice eyes.

For all the other people reading this, I don't usually rant like this, I do actually care about the game of football being played. But if there's hot guys, that's a bonus.