Sunday, December 23, 2007

Swooning recap.

Well, with Melbourne Victory's season effectively over, why not move onto swooning? I don't think I've written a post dedicated to swooning for a long time now, and perhaps a recap is overdue.

Last season's personal swoon Spase Dilevski left the A-League in search of playing in a better league. So far he's only participated in three matches over in Romania, playing with FC Universitatea Craiova. Perhaps things haven't turned out the way he expected. He also has bad hair. This was not something I expected.

And a need for sunglasses. Still quite swoony, though I'd love to see how his through-balls and passes with both feet are faring given his lack of game time.

Meanwhile, Danny Vukovic and Greg Owens (who were both deemed winners of the Best Looking Bloke Award due to my inability to decide on ONE method of analysing the vote data) now play in the same team. Unless I come up with yet another way of doing this only one of them will make the final poll. Or none if John Hutchinson or Alex Wilkinson come through the team stages instead. Oh, how I envy those who live in Gosford and can watch the Mariners on a regular basis!

With the departure of Marcus Wedau, Tom Willis and Dilevski Queensland is no longer as the swooniest team in the A-League. Clearly that mantle has been passed onto Central Coast.

As for new swoon-worthy players from this season, well, I suppose I'll deal with that later.


john said...

poor old Spase

Michael Baird (Roar v1 and in the same team as Spase) is on holiday in Brisbane saying in the press he wants out but that they will only let him go if someone pays for him. He has 2 1/2 years to go and isn't getting a game. Romania was always going to be tough. They only seem to get about 5,000 max to games. Frank Farina said he would take Michael back but they won't pay a Romanian for him.

I hope Spase fairs better he has a young family to support. I really don't know why either went. It could be said that all this information was out there before they went. The FFA had intervened on another players behalf to plead a chance with FIFA before they both went. Karl Dodd escaped and of course now plays in NZ.

Cecilia said...

It's a shame that this tends to happen to a number of our talented footballers.

Perhaps FFA needs to look at implementing a young footballers support program with perhaps a mentoring program and a legal team to look after contracts for any Australian - regardless of where they are playing. Maybe if contracts with Australian players include the FFA as a stakeholder, but without any financial ties, there is a chance that some of these talented footballers aren't locked into lengthy contracts when they get no game time.

After all, players like Spase and Michael (who was such a poacher in season 1) need game time to transform themselves from 'talented' to 'good' or even 'great'. From want we've seen of these players we know that they have the capacity (even if it was demonstrated inconsistently), but it needs to be nurtured and developed. And they MUST have game time.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hey Cecilia, seeing as you are the swooning kiss of death, hands off Wilko for a while, we need him for the next few weeks! ;)