Friday, December 21, 2007

The catch up round of 22, err... 15.

Milo's mustache was unfortunate because the seperated halves never matched. They were like Milo's disunited eyes, which never looked at the same thing at the same time. Milo could see more things than most people, but he could see none of them too distinctly.
It's pouring in Melbourne, which is good for the catchments, but our stormwater system finds it difficult to cope with the storm at times. So it's a Friday evening and I'm curled up at home listening to Icehouse (actually, they were still Flowers at this point) and reading a book. I came across the above description for a character, and I instantly burst out laughing as at home we always thought that Vidmar was such a good defender because he could keep an eye on the ball and the other eye on the defender. I never thought he'd have a counterpart in modern literature! Except that I think Vidmar can see those things distinctly.

Quite fitting that I would have Vidmar in my thoughts, the irony is that I'm reading this book because it's pouring outside, and Central Coast vs. Sydney was originally postponed due to floods, and is the only match on this weekend. Conspiracy or something more sinister? I suspect that I am simply making leaps in my thoughts which don't quite connect. But that's hardly ever not normal for me anyway.

I didn't catch Sydney's match last week, and was in shock when my mum texted me the result. Shock followed by a very loud, "Oh no!" Simply because I don't want Perth to get any points! But when I got home and found out Celeski scored 3 and that Milligan stuffed up twice I was quite happy. Celeski should be on the swoon list... more on that some other time.

It was disappointing to see Milligan make such errors, and with Verbeek watching I am sure Mark was very disappointed in himself. I find myself in a strange position with Milligan, I don't really think much of him in a sky blue shirt but want him to be an excellent footballer when he puts on the national team kit. So seeing such amateur mistakes was disappointing, even if he was wearing sky blue at the time.

I'm expecting Central Coast to get this one. They've got some key players back and of course they're the swooniest team in the A-League, so why not go for them? Sydney are probably licking their wounds, and I don't think they'll be as mentally tough without their true captain in Mark Rudan who played his last game in a sky blue shirt (for the moment anyway) last week.

I'm hoping that the grand final is Queensland vs. Central Coast, simply because I have a fear that if Central Coast get the hosting honours the match will be shipped away to Sydney. Which would be no good, but then you need the larger stadium... I wonder what would happen...

Hmmm... with the storms currently in Melbourne looking to go towards Sydney, what's the chance of Bluetongue getting waterlogged again?


Hamish Alcorn said...

I hoped you watched that match - that was cool!

Catch 22 is one of the brilliant books, by the way. Hope you enjoy the rest of it.

Cecilia said...

I ended up missing the match due to a late dinner call-up. Had my brother texting me throughout the night, and I forwarded the info onto Wayne.

I dunno, high scoring matches aren't usually indicative of good quality football. And I prefer a good quality 0-0 draw to a woeful 6-0 display from the opposition.

Still, I am yet to see replays of the match. Saw the goals, but they are rarely indicative of the play that leads up to them. I suppose Central Coast should take away the knowledge that they were only beaten because they were a man down most of the match, and ended up being beaten as an 8-man side with Kwansik off and Heffernan receiving treatment.

I am rather upset that Vuko is now suspended, it would have been a good time to show his wares to Verbeek.