Friday, November 17, 2006

Young players = hotheads = yellow cards.

I hate stupid yellow cards. I don't want to see good players serving suspensions for silly offences. It means I miss out on watching them play.

Leijer, Piorkowski and Dilevski all picked up stupid yellow cards this evening. Leijer for 'delaying the restart of play' or however that ruling goes. Piorkowski for celebrating the Thompson goal - this was off camera, so I didn't see what he actually did. And Dilevski for getting involved in a little face off between Pantelidis and I can't remember who. The Dilevski one annoyed me the most, because he wasn't involved in the foul that brought down Panta, but had to go over and give Panta his opinion. Leijer picked up a couple of yellows last season in the same fashion.

Maybe stupid yellow cards tend to occur to the younger players because of a lack of experience. Maybe they wear their hearts on their sleeves more so than older players who may be more able to control their tempers. From today's stupid yellow card receivers, I don't want players like Leijer and Dilevski collect yellows then serve suspensions. I am a fan of Leijer, and was disappointed that Vargas was back this week solely because I thought how Leijer dealt withe organising the defence last week was brilliant, and that the more experience he has as this, the better defender he'll be. Although Dilevski disappointed me a little today, he has the ability to play, and at least has two feet. I think Panta covered Dilevski well today, and stifled his game somewhat, but I expected a little more from him. Perhaps he was too much of a hothead this evening?

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