Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Australia vs. Ghana

Yes, I know it's not A-League, but I'm feeling cheery because Australia aren't playing as badly as I feared that they would. We're currently up 1-nil, thanks to an Aloisi penalty. I suppose we should be ahead by more considering the number of chances we've had, but the reason for this is another reason why I'm cheery.

Yes, that's right, I'm happy that we're not ahead by more... simply because the Ghana 'keeper, Kingston (the elder one, not to be confused with his midfielder brother) has been brilliant. I love goalkeepers, or rather, I love good 'keepers, and Kingston's save against Moore's header was top notch. Hopefully someone will post it onto Youtube so I can add it to my favourites.

Anyway, he's been subbed off now - hopefully we can now get a few more goals in...

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