Saturday, January 12, 2008

Vale Victory


Anonymous said...

Steange season, for Melbourne, in more ways then one on and off the field.

I have a gut feeling we will wing the ACL and get very good crowds.

Its strange.

Cecilia said...

I think if we carry what we had on Friday night (on AND off the field) we can do a lot more than what is expected of us based on our season.

I eagerly await the 12th March.

Hamish Alcorn said...

Excellent to see you guys finding form. A glorious finish is something to me.

So whip Sydney next week, ok?

Cecilia said...


You don't have to ask, y'know!

And sorry about the whole phone call thing - although it was amusing and an excellent way to catch up with Eamonn!

My friend thinks I did that because I was drunk, I kept telling him that I wasn't and that it was the phone's fault.

Hamish, it was the phone's fault.

Next time I will endevour to look at the phone before I dial rather than assume pressing a particular button will connect me to you!