Sunday, January 20, 2008

Half-time at Hindmarsh

Sorry Hamish and John, but I'm finding myself going for the Reds here. I did want Qld to take the premiership and have a chance of hosting the HAL final... but then Ognenovski fouled Galekovic. And the ref... did nothing.

Later, Tiatto fouls Djite, and the ref... did nothing.

Later again, Tiatto slaps (it wasn't that hard) Dodd, and the ref... sends him off.

To some, this may seem 'fair', but it's really not. It's inconsistent and the whole thing could have been avoided if the ref had the balls to give Oggy a yellow in the first foul at 4 minutes. Delovski had a chance to set himself in control of the match - instead he chickened out and gave the players the indication that they could have free-reign.

And so along came Tiatto's first foul - which it could be argued was none of Djite's business, but that's another matter. Delovski again did nothing, we all know it should have been a yellow. So when Tiatto slaps Dodd - while we all know that would have effectively been his second yellow... the ref gives him a straight red.

Perhaps what I'm arguing makes no sense - in short, the ref is being inconsistent and has no control of the match. Dodd should have been given a yellow for trying to get to Tiatto post-red card, and given one to Djite too for the same reason. Only to put those players back in their place and send a message to the rest that no more utter rubbish was going to be taken.

But it really should have been dealt with in that first unnecessary foul by Oggy.

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john said...

Agree re the Orggy foul (he had just signed for Adelaide before this match - fought with Matt McKay then this week with Griffin McMaster) - but a free kick was given. What cheezed me was that when Dodd fouled (it reminded me of the Japanese in the World Cup game 1) McMaster there was no free but a goal to Adelaide.

Interesting your point about Djite as the replay seemed to indicate that he wasn't touched and Frank Farina accusing him of diving - if he did that is the worst form of dive surely - and to me pointed to Adelaide's strategy to win by getting the Roar down to 10.

By the way you may be interested that the FFA gave Tiatto an additional fine for the incident after he was red carded and had left the field. I agree with you that was Dodd. However, the FFA have said it was Tiatto.