Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another letter to Newcastle United Jets FC.

Dear Newcastle,

Me again.

Sort out your distribution from the back!

It's the most frustrating thing to watch you do. You win the ball in defence and then blindly kick it to your midfield. Except that there was no midfield as Mr Perpetual (Joel Griffiths) hurt himself in the warm-up! So every single ball was intercepted by Sydney.

No, that's giving Sydney far too much credit. They didn't intercept it, you wrapped it up in pretty paper with a big bow and gave the ball to them - sealed with a kiss. So Sydney have the ball and then apply more pressure on your defence. Awful! Think about where the ball is going!

Also, you were chopping Juninho down far too much. Bloody play the ball instead of being hackers. That is all.

Best of luck next weekend.*

Your biggest Melbourne-supporting, Central Coast-following, ex-Queensland-following Newcastle fan.

*The way Central Coast are going, you'll need it.

P.S. It's just come to my attention that the last letter I wrote was also after a match against Sydney. Coincidence, or something far scarier?


john said...

Ex Qld following surely not!

Actually I think Qld have had more fans than other clubs currently have.

Once again we seem to have missed the pre-season player arms race - ironically we look weak in defence.

Cecilia said...

Yeah, I think I still have a soft spot for Queensland. In fact, I'm sure once my Vukovic obsession dies down I'll be back to you guys as my second team!

Your large fan base with a lack of results is the main reason why I want you to finish top 4, if only because the fans deserve it!

john said...

Have a second look at Zullo. if he keeps this up people will call him the new Kewell. And Robbie Kruse just running through defenders - we haven't seen that for a while...