Saturday, July 21, 2007

Letter to Graham Arnold

It's half-time. It's the first time I've watch Australia in the Asia Cup. I'm very upset and frustrated. So I've decided to write a letter.

Dear Graham,

Could you please stop giving instructions throughout the whole match. It's quite annoying to listen to as an outsider, I can only imagine how the players feel. You're not letting them play their own game, so they seem to be playing a 'stale' kind of match.

I am also unhappy with the players' fitness. I recall Guus had them whippet-thing. Now I see tummies showing under the green and gold.

Best of luck in the second half,

(a concerned fan)


Anonymous said...

If I might add an extra...

Dear Arnold,

Please never use the climate as an excuse. We've been pre-warned about the weather there since the days of European Colonialism.

Also, being a coach yourself, you might have a better eye for this than I, but was Emerton a waste of space? it seemed every time I heard Simon Hill say "...{some player} has made an attack but {shot}...a lack of support", there seemed to be a comment about how Emerton hadn't gone up with the attacker.

Cecilia said...

Hi Tim!

First I've only started coaching this year, and I'm still learning.

But I agree about Emerton. I also thought Culina wasn't particularly useful and that neither Aloisi nor Viduka made any attempt to win the ball themselves. They would only play if the team played for them.

But really, I just thought the team played as if they had no plan, no tactic. So there seemed to be no cohesion. The thing that irritated me most about Arnold's constant chatter (which died down in the second half and beyond) was that by giving instructions to player he didn't give them a chance to try something new.