Saturday, July 21, 2007

How to read penalties.

Of course, if the player is experienced, it's not so easy.

The following figure is taken from Alex Walsh's The Soccer Goalkeeping Handbook (1998):

Hopefully it won't be an issue using it, but it's very useful in posing the following question: if the first taker of the penalties MUST score in order to reduce the confidence of the opposition goalkeeper, increase the pressure of the opposing team and generally set a good example for the rest of his team - why did Kewell kick to the obvious side (position C in the above figure)?

I suppose you could ask the same of Neill - but he was knackered... and not the first taker.


Hamish Alcorn said...

Great posts Cecilia. Your posts have been missed for a while.

Cecilia said...

Glad to be back Hamish! :)

Watch out, I have more notes on the U/20 World Cup!

Neil said...

The whole penalty thing comes down to the moment and also the frame of mind of the keepers as well. Its always a bit of a lottery, but I don't think there is any other way of deciding a sudden death match. Have been reading through your blog and have been enjoying it immensely, so I linked it to mine. Keep up the good work.