Sunday, June 17, 2007

Our first win

We've finally got some points to show how we've improved! 2-1 win today, finished an hour ago, and I'm about to head off to watch some VPL action. But had to make a note of this and tell everyone! Well, the handful or readers that I have.


Hamish said...

Congratulations Cecilia. I bet the team needed that.

Yesterday I played goalie for the first time. We lost 3:2 but I made some good saves and the team was happy with me. One player said afterwards, "it's not good to be good at that position because you'll end up doing it all the time." Well guess what? I like it!

But I've got sore bits everywhere this morning. The worst is that my most absurd bit of bravery, rewarded with a full-pelt knee in the neck, was called offside anyway.

A friend of mine took some good digital pictures so I'll wack them up on my blog when I get them.

Keep up the good work mate.

wayne said...

hey congrats cecilia, the first one must feel sweet! So, was it down to your revamping of your back four, or a general effort by the team? You havent talked much about your attack so far, but two goals in a game sounds solid. As my team has shown (if we ever play again after all this rain up here) if you don't score, you don't win, and the other team will always score one stupid/flukey/unlucky goal...