Sunday, November 01, 2009

You seem kinda familiar - have we met before?

Oh, you're my blog! I knew that we had met before.

September, October. Two whole months and I haven't done anything here.

Let's face it - the A-League has turned into complete crap this year. I think it was always crap, but this year definitely blows.

And so I have neglected my blog. What's there to write about? I can't pretend that it's a great game - it's not, and it irritates me that the Fox Sports commentators aren't more honest with what they see. But I suppose they can't say it's a shit game - after all they want people to be watching it.

I still attend MV matches, but I can't wait for the second Melbourne team to come along so I can cancel my MV membership without feeling like I'm abandoning the sport.


Hamish said...

I think one thing I find refreshing about the women's game - and you've expressed before that you're not enamoured of it - is not that it's better (obviously it's not), but that it doesn't pretend to be something that it's not.

Cecilia said...

Very true.

Still shits me that they wear ridiculously short shorts and that the marketing campaign makes the players look vampish.

Perhaps, like in basketball, the uniforms will revert to something more traditional. I can only imagine the amount of sore skin each week as slide tackles and whatnot occur on our summer-hard pitches.