Sunday, June 08, 2008

Half-time: Iraq 1, Australia 0

While Schwarzer was off his line it's not just his fault that we're currently down 1-0. As a team game, the blame must be shared - why was Mohamed allowed to shoot with so much time?

Unfortunately Slater and Hill are so focused on Schwarzer being off his line that the TV audience who have no idea about football will go on to not realise the importance of applying pressure - i.e. reducing the amount of space and time an opponent has such that they cannot perform.

Mohamed's shot was perfect, but a little bit of pressure could have been enough for it to sail over the cross-bar or for it to be hit short and safely into Schwarzer's arms.

P.S. Could someone please give that crowd member wearing an MV top a yellow shirt? Kthnxbai.


J to the ESS said...

about time i found someones blogs worth while to read on here! sydney bird whos a victory fan... strange but true

Cecilia said...

I am so confused!

Cece said...


I had to take a peek at your blog too! wow, cool, i had no idea you were into football! :D

I mainly follow the premiership and my fave team is liverpool fc :D

I don't know much about the A-league since i came to study here so am glad now i have your blog to read!! yay! I shall link your blog to mine hehe ;)

have u been following euro?? i'm so excited for the final this weekend!!

yes, we should intro ourselves next time, and if you are catching any soccer matches in melbourne once the season starts, please lemme know :D

see you soon!!