Wednesday, June 04, 2008

General musings

I submitted my final assignment of the semester so I have a few spare moments where I can reflect on recent goings-on in the football world.

  1. I miss coaching. I really do. I was teaching microbiology this semester at uni, which was enjoyable and made me realise that I like the teaching/coaching opportunities that I've had so far. I swear that I will be back next season!

  2. Australia's defence. Ouch. Painful. Lucky. We are the lucky country with a very lucky national team.

    That being said, what on earth is Beauchamp doing in the middle of our defence line? I'm sure he's asleep. He's also struck me as being very awkward - he's not fluid in his motions and when combined with his 'slow' head makes for very painful viewing. I cannot wait for Neill to come back, and not for the purpose of swooning. This World Cup stuff is very serious, and I simply cannot relax to the point of trying to find eye-candy on the field. Until Neill gets back, could we PLEASE have Vargas? Please Pim, put Roddy on for Beauchamp.

    Though Harry does make it easy when he gets up to his old tricks. *Sigh* I used to have the biggest crush on him in high school. Was completely mute when I had a chance to meet him, we played a one-on-one and he nutmegged me. Oh the shame! I was also taller than him and that was weird in itself. Meeting your football idol and he's shorter than you. But that was a long time ago and I know I've grown.

    I don't remember if I had a chance to rave about Carney when the Socceroos played in Melbourne. I was probably swooning over the cool and calm of Moore... but he's transformed from one of the better soccer players in the A-League into a footballer. It's really nice to see that Australia can still produce some talent.

  3. There are no Melbourne Victory matches in the pre-season cup that are in Victoria. >.<

  4. Home end membership. My plans to downgrade from Gold to GA so I can randomly bump into people and hang out with a new mob each week were foiled. So now I'm back to the Prawn Sandwich Area.

    I am/was considering Platinum, but I wonder why the middle bay of seats in the Platinum area is not reserved for members. What a joke! I'd lobby, but I suspect that if the masses can't get their way in the GA area, no-one's going to care what some delusional female in her mid-twenties has to say. Actually, perhaps if I say that I am going to sit perhaps they will give me 5 seconds of consideration...

  5. I miss playing. My knee doesn't hurt this winter, so I'm trying to get fit again. It's difficult. Mentally more than physically.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you are back, Cecilia!

Anonymous said...

"Until Neill gets back, could we PLEASE have Vargas? Please Pim, put Roddy on for Beauchamp."

Don't let Eamonn see you writing that. :)