Saturday, November 17, 2007

A complete lack of vision.

I have consistently enjoyed watching Queensland Roar play, so much that I really have adopted them as my second team - after Melbourne of course! Not that I have much of a choice.

As a football fan who lives in Victoria, my only "option" is to go for the Victory. But the (approximately) fortnightly foray to Telstra Dome has become a chore. We are a bore to watch. So it's a disappointment to read that Merrick thinks otherwise.
"I think it's amazing to produce fantastic crowds without getting any wins, so obviously we are doing something right and they enjoy the type of football we are playing."
Merrick - you have got to be kidding me. I can't think of anyone that enjoys watching the Victory play. In fact, I can only think of a few people who actually attend MV matches for the football. South End is too pissed to notice* that there's even a match going on at times. North End are chanting, not-chanting, sitting, standing or whatever they are up to, and I honestly think that only a few of the Gold members really follow the sport outside of what's served to them via the television.

If Merrick and the Victory board think that their figures are due to the football offered by the club, then they seriously need to reconsider what they want to be - a business or a sports club.

Theoretically, it should be both. But if the club is happy with the current gate and happy with the takings from each home match, then it makes sense for them not to sack Merrick, paying whatever's due and hiring a new coach.

A second Melbourne club would offer football fans a choice. It would give supporters, who are currently not in a happy relationship with both Telstra Dome and its tenant Melbourne Victory, a choice. No wonder Miles is adamant that it is not sustainable for Melbourne to have two clubs. Victory wouldn't be sustainable! Its business model seems to depend on it being the only club!

Imagine if there was a second club with a boards who had the balls to clear out the team - coaches AND players. Imagine if they actually took the supporters seriously. And wouldn't Victory hate it if this second team - perhaps the people's team - performed on the park. I would love it - I'd go to the football and actually watch some football. Not what Melbourne Victory are putting out each day.

If Merrick (and I assume the board too) really believes that we like what we see, and that this is why we have such numbers at each home match, well I'd say that he is incredibly ignorant, short sighted and completely out of touch.

*Edit (18/11/07, 6.15pm): It has come to my attention that some members of South End get pissed so they do not become frustrated with what's happening on the field. I suppose ignorance truly is bliss!


Anonymous said...

"If Merrick (and I assume the board too) really believes that we like what we see, and that this is why we have such numbers at each home match, well I'd say that he is incredibly ignorant, short sighted and completely out of touch."

Not sure about Merrick, but the board and club officials are without a doubt are incredibly ignorant, short sighted and completely out of touch.

Cecilia said...

I suspect Merrick says things that the board either want to hear or would be acceptable by the board.

The little that I know about the supporters' issue means that I really don't think I can comment too much on what's going on from that perspective - other than I would side with the supporters on what the issues are, I may not be there physically standing in the terrace with you, but I know I'm not the only seated-supporter who firmly believe that supporters' rights have been violated.

Whistler said...

Melbourne are current title holders and will be representing Oz in Asia, so hopefully they can return to some form in Asia, but not here, 'cause we don't want them taking a spot from the Roar! Now being fair-minded, we don't mind Roar fans residing interstate. You see the shoe, or is that boot, is on the other foot. Melbourne have been good in the past and the Roar have been very hot and cold, to give an average of luke warm. Now the Roar are on a roll and we can't be happier, fully aware that it can all come crashing down at any time.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post Cecilia. I couldn't have put it better myself.

For the first time all season, I'm probably not going to this week's home game. It's just not entertaining...

john said...

The A-League needs 8 good teams. Plus at least 2 more next year.
Melbourne need to pick Fred back up for a guest appearance (FFA increased it to 8 weeks this year but that seems to have gone by the board with no sign of one anywhere and only 8 games to go).

For melb to be competitive in Asia - and that is important - many more people saw Syd and Adel in the Asia cup than in the A-L - they need more than ruthless defence.

How about writing to your club?

Does Melb have a foundation membership system like the Roar (ie meet the players after even home game and several lunch opportunities) - at Roar foundation events you get the opportunity to get into the ear of CEO, board members, coach and players.

Anonymous said...

Josh as much as we liked Fred, Melbourne supporters would be outraged if he came as a guest player. That is not what we expect from a Melbourne team, most of us would rather finish last then bring a guest player.