Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Melbourne midfield

A completely selfish post...

Over on the Melbourne Victory Forum, Watt made a comment about how our midfield is too slow in moving the ball about, and made some un-comparisons to the Argentine play from Tuesday night.

Anyway, after a bit of discussion I thought about how I would play Melbourne - and I'm desperate for Merrick to play Caceres more, and to give Patafta and Hernandez a chance to play together. I think Patafta could cover the ground that Hernandez can't and Hernandez provide direction to the heart of the team. I also want Pantelidis in the starting eleven, so I had to drop Brebner. :( Quite upsetting, but I simply didn't have room for him!

I'd go for this:






I thought Ryall had a solid game against Adelaide. So why not free up Keenan by putting Kemp on the left (he had a good game vs. Adelaide even though he hasn't impressed me in other matches). Caceres is starting to use his right a lot more these days, so I think he can do a good job on the right.

There's only room for 2 of the 3 hardmen. Sorry Brebs, I couldn't leave out the captain and I think Panta's awesome defensively and with ball distribution too.

I'm putting Hernandez in the middle to control the midfield, and I'd want him to be the heart of the team. He doesn't need to run about all over the place, but try to always be free to receive the ball from the defence, Panta/Musky or the wings, and then be able to distribute it to the wings, Patafta or Allsopp.

I'm not inclined to put Patafta on the wings, as I'd think we'd half-waste him there. I'd like to give him the space to run about in, but not in the engine room with Hernandez all the time - some freedom to move up, but letting Danny be the target man. Kaz a wee thing, and so try to play him like an annoying little mosquito.
No Milicevic and no Thomspon either. Thoughts? Criticisms? Am I completely delusional?


Neil said...

Like Watt I am huge fan of the Argentine style of play but I have to agree with you that we don't have the personel to play this style. I would love to see both Patafta and Hernandez on the pitch at the same time - it takes the pressure of both of them to be the sole playmaker of the team. Can't ever see Thompson being left on the bench and I would always have Brebner ahead of Pantelidis and Caceres definitely has to start.

Anonymous said...

I also agree that we do not have the personel to play like Argentina. I just want us to move the ball faster, keep it on the ground have some width...

Argh stuff it! I want us to play like Argentina :D. I am allowed to dream.

Question about your formation: you put Ryall and Kemp as wide as as Caceres and Keenan, Is that In purpose?

Do you suggest 3 DCs 2DMC ML MC and MR

or DL DC DR 2DMs ML MC and MR?

Because the second option scares me a bit (not enough central defenders (but I gues it all depends how they play, who would have first defensive responsability over the wing Kemp or Keenan?

I like Piro I think he should play.

I think our entire forum is desperate for Caceres to play more, and I want to see kaz and Carlos together as well.

I kind of like the formation but we both know Merrick would never be so adventerous.

Cecilia said...

Neil - Unfortunately, I can't see Merrick not having Thompson in the starting eleven :(

Watt - No, that was just formatting... I'll be wary of what I do next time with regards to my hypens! So I'd tuck Ryall and Kemp in a bit.

Merrick seems to play 'safe', but we're so bland at the moment we need a change.

I love to change things around - confused my girls at times during the season as I would play them out of position. But I'd only do it to two or three of them per match so not to destabilise the whole team.

But yes, Merrick's either not that adventurous or not much of a gambler. Though I prefer to describe myself as a risk taker. :)

Cecilia said...

Oh, and we can always dream, just make sure you don't get delusional! Let's dream that Melbourne Victory play like Argentina, but realise that work needs to be done.

When we make that realisation, we accept that we need to change how we play. We work hard to change, and then, lo and behold, we play like Argentina!

Except against Brazil... ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't see merrick not playing Archie unless archie was injured, even if he was playing craptastic and making a fool (more so) of himself he would still be played.

i really think Allsopp is quite overlooked come crunch time because archie is always in your face.

caceres is a brilliant little player, and i would love to see him start more often.

Kaz Patafta i think would be better used as a sub to provide a burst of fresh legs on field. while he is good, i don't think he is a starting XI kid yet.

i would also have Brox on the bench, i wouldnt like the kid running at me, he is also quick to percieve where the ball might go and how he should handle it, he is very much aware of the game.

hernandez should go on a strict diet, and really work himself to prove why he is in the squad, this i think goes for alot of the guys who we have imported or have teturned from overseas. its no use having a dead weight presence, this is not a retirment village where we allow our past their prime players pasturise.