Sunday, September 30, 2007

Adelaide vs. Central Coast

This was the best A-League match that I've watched in a long time. Adelaide were playing beautifully, such that I ditched Central Coast and started wanting Adelaide to win. I'm clearly not very good at committing.

However, Breeze f@%ked it up. Where to start? I'm sure there were more, but from what angered me the most and in no particular order:
  • The lack of advantage when Burns was chopped down outside of the box, where Djite scored and would have put Adelaide up 2-1.
  • The first yellow card against Vidmar. Especially given that he earnt himself a second yellow later and ended up being sent off. Shouldn't have been sent off given the nature of the 'first' yellow.
  • I'm sure Breeze was trying to make up for the lack-of-advantage-disallowed-goal and started awarding fouls against the Mariners every opportunity he could so that Adelaide could have a chance to score a goal.
  • Boogard's yellow. Boogard's tackle was great - clean and from the front. Just a case of Breeze trying to rectify the situation.
  • Not awarding Gumprecht a yellow. Similar position to Boogard, except that a clean tackle earns you a yellow and holding the opposition with an arm grapple doesn't get you into the referee's book.

I was delighted to have Beltrame back in goals and Costanzo in the middle of the defence - it's truly where he (and Adelaide) can best use his extraordinary ability to read the game. Djite was also on fire, scoring three goals (I'm counting the disallowed one as it was thoroughly deserved). It's a shame that Breeze got it all so wrong, as this was a great match with some lovely work from Adelaide, particularly that of Burns. Who needs imports?


john said...

Hi C

Why did Vidmar get 2 weeks? This usually only happens for a straight red that is reviewed by the FFA.

Cecilia said...

I remember discussing this with my brother and looking it up somewhere. Something's telling me that it's because it's his second red card of the season. Which is unfortunate, as that first yellow shouldn't have happened!! Can't be bothered finding an appropriate link, but I'm sure the A-League site will have the answer.