Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tiatto doesn't quite get away with it...

...but we'll find out for sure on Thursday evening.


While McFlynn also gets a disciplinary call up, Heffernan has managed to get away with the body-check Milligan.

Regardless of if Tiatto is suspended or not, how did the assistant referee miss it?! Especially since it was more than a moment of madness - a number of steps on Djite is more than a moment and surely not difficult to not see.

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john said...

Hi Cecilia

The Djite challenge was OK. It is the Alagich challenge that copped the cite. (see below)

I think this is a massive challenge for the Roar. Moore and Tiatto are their big signings. I think the FFA is playing with a fire that could effect the A-League's viability.

Although replays clearly show the ex-Leicester City hardman stepping on Alagich's leg with one foot while the other makes contact with the ball, Tiatto was not penalised for his seventh-minute challenge.