Sunday, March 25, 2007

My new career...

Along with being a scientist, engineering student, and professional swooner, I've decided to begin my new career in coaching. It hasn't gotten off too well, with our first "Meet and Greet" session not going ahead due to a lack of communication between either myself and Person B or Person A and Person B. Communication between myself and Person A is pretty good.

I'll label this post and future posts related to my coaching (mis-)adventures as "Coaching" for easy access. Whether you use this feature or not is up to you, and consequently not my problem.

Anyway, so I'll be coaching the U/16 girls team at a local junior club. I once played for the senior club that the junior club wants to be a feeder for. The funny side of this is that I don't think much of the senior club. But then, I haven't played with a senior club for more than a season, so really no senior club is going to get the Cecilia Seal of Approval.

Luckily the squad size is limited to 14, so we'll only end up with 14 goalkeepers.

In other news, I stumbled across a picture that would've given Dilevski a better opportunity to stake his claim as the A-League's Best Looking Player.

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john said...

Fantastic! I'm coaching U12 Div 4. can't resist having a kick at training.

There is one girl in our team. A fantastic mid-fielder from Spase's cultural background.