Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blatter and the AFC

Blatter says sorry and the AFC are being silly.

Re: Blatter.
I don't like this guy - he seems to be off with the fairies a bit. As an example, as a girls who plays* the game, his idea of getting the girls to essentailly wear less clothing is not only belittling, but also quite stupid. Maybe because when I play I end up with all kinds of scrapes and bruises just from slide tackles and hitting the ground. This got worse whenI first moved into goals - and once I ended up playing there all the time I switched to long pants. Anyway - he's a moron. But that's just my opinion.

And now he's decided to apologise to Australia for that penalty. Or rather, that dive. Why, hadn't he noticed that 'simulation' had gotten out of control? Smeghead! But I think he's put the whole World Cup into direpute by essentially calling the World Cup winners cheaters. I'm sure that I was as upset as any other Australian about what happenned (my lab book has a bit of an anti-Italian prose in between experimental data), but seriously, talking about it now? Months after it occurred? Sorry Sepp, but an apology doesn't go far unless you intend to seriously stamp simulation out of the game and make plans how to do that.

Re: the AFC
The AFC wants FFA to submit two teams for the Asian Champions League, starting in March 2007. That's after our A-League's wrapped up. So you'd think that our representatives would be determined by A-League season 2006/2007. Sadly, we may end up being represented by Adelaide and Sydney based on their performances last season, as the the AFC wants names. By December. Twats. FFA are lobbying to put in Australia 1 and Australia 2, or something like that, but... I suppose we'll have to see what happens.

*Haven't played since sustaining an injury to my knee in late February. :o(


Anonymous said...

Scary Monkey, love it so far. I'll be reading the Girl's Guide regularly. Cheers.

Hamish Alcorn said...

'Anonymous' equals 'Hamish', by the way. I don't know why the blogger display name thingy didn't work. Same for another couple of comments on your blog.


Cecilia said...

Hey there Hamish! I think I've got the comments sorted now so that you should be able to see what you've posted straight away.